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Is Air Duct Cleaning a Good Business to Start?

One of the most common questions I get from my customers is Air Duct Cleaning a Good Business to Start?

So, I took some time to make a video that answers that question in detail.  It shows the opportunity, the income, the add ons, what the job involves.  All 30 minutes of the most important information you need to know about starting your business.

Answers to the most basic questions you need to know about starting your Air Duct Cleaning Business

• What is air duct cleaning?
• Is there a need for air duct cleaning?
• Does HVAC system cleaning really work?
• Which qualifications do I need?
• Are there licensing requirements?

Is this the right business for you, competitors and pricing

• Benefits of residential air duct cleaning.

• Which service offering is right for you?
• Know your competitors.
• Pricing options and strategies.
• Equipment options.
• What does it cost?
• Revenue projections.
• Is there training?

How to do the job

• Set-up
• Cleaning supply ductwork
• Continuing with the cleaning of the return ductwork
• Clean furnace/air handler
• Verification


• Marketing methods
• How to grow your business

Now that you know what is involved, are you ready for the next step?  Read more here on how to start an air duct cleaning business?  Click here.

See the starter air duct cleaning package here.

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