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Difference between consumer carpet cleaners vs professional carpet cleaners.

Carpet cleaning equipment designed for home use differs a great deal from that used by the professionals.

Here is a look at carpet cleaning equipment for both home and professional use.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment for Home Use

Rug shampoo machines and steam cleaners are usually rather small machines. Designed for home use in carpet cleaning. Easy to rent and are easy to put into your vehicle for transport to your home. They can be easy for individuals to handle for the most part, though rug shampoo machines are often heavier than steam cleaners. You can clean with either rug shampoo machines or steam cleaners. Use either chemical cleaning products or green cleaning products, whichever the user prefers. Because these made for home use cleaners are lighter and smaller. They are also less powerful. So, they may not be deep cleaning your carpet as well as professional carpet cleaning machines do.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment for Professional Use

Professional equipment is much bigger. This equipment is usually heavier duty and built to deep clean your carpeting. Companies often use one of two types of cleaning equipment. Truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment systems are mounted on the back of a truck or in a van. Truck-mounted machines stay on the truck. The technician only brings the hoses into the home.
The technician brings the entire unit into the home with Portable carpet cleaning machines. This equipment is also divided into dry cleaning machines and steam cleaners. Dry carpet cleaning machines allow your carpeting to dry faster, with marginal results. Although, there is a place for them amongst the cleaning methods.
Professional steam cleaners can use either regular chemical or green cleaning. The homeowner will often make that choice between green chemistry or regular chemistry. Besides the green cleaning, there is also the Carpet and Rug Institute. CRI approves professional cleaning chemicals by testing them for cleaning ability. They have 20 other criteria they test as well.
You can easily clean your carpeting yourself, using a machine made for home use. But experts recommend having your carpeting professionally cleaned at least once a year.

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